Education & Training

In a world of accelerating technological change, Digital Radiance delivers leading-edge animations and interactive media to help you stay ahead of the game.

Biotechnology delivers amazing solutions to healthcare and environmental problems. Since 2007, Digital Radiance has worked closely with the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology's educational outreach division on a number of ground-breaking projects to help the public better understand and participate in this rapidly changing field.

  • HudsonAlpha Cell and iCell - free interactive 3D tools for exploring the structures of plant, animal, and bacterial cells.
  • Animations that answer basic questions such as: "What is DNA?", "What's a gene?", "How do changes in DNA cause disease?", and "What is personalized medicine?".
  • Distance Learning experiments that connect classrooms across the state to leading scientists like Dr. Francis Collins, now the head of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

GATR Technologies, an Inc. 500 company in Huntsville, needed a way to quickly teach people about the company's revolutionary inflatable satellite communication system. The problem: how to cost-effectively provide initial training and refresher training on a system that is admittedly quite different from the typical satellite communication system. Digital Radiance provided the solution: an online, videogame-based trainer that guides you through not only the setup and take-down steps, but that also illustrates the inner workings of the system. Now soldiers and first responders understand the system inside and out, with an online, 3D training guide just a click away.

Sci-Quest, the children's hands-on science museum, tapped Digital Radiance to deliver cool video game-like education content for their 50-person, stereoscopice 3D Immersive Theater. As partners on a National Science Foundation grant, Digital Radiance and Sci-Quest developed "Virtual Vortex", a dynamic presentation about severe weather that begins with a deceptively simple question: "How much does a cloud weigh?" Participants are entertained and challenged throughout the 30-minute show to understand the forces that lead to severe storms and tornadoes.